Tubular Heater

Tubular heaters are a type of electric element that consisting of nichrome (NiCr) resistance wire, metallic tube, and magnesium oxide powder. The material of tube are Steel, Stainless Steel 201/304/316L/321, Copper, Incoloy 800/840, or Bundy Tube. Tubular heaters are able to heat liquids, solids and gases by conducting and transfering heat up to 800 celsius (1472 Fahrenheit). Tubular heaters are applied in various appliances, including Toaster, Air Fryer, Rice Cooker, Dish/Clothing Washing Machine, Space Heater, Refrigerator and so on.

Businesses of GSAL Tubular Heater Company

1. Best seller all over the world

Gaosheng aluminum company specializes in industrial heating element manufacturing for 30 years, we offer various tubular heater as cooker elements,kettle element,oven element,stove heating element,baking element to more than 30 countries all over the world.

2. Heating tube appliance

(1) Food & Bakery Equipment

(2) Wahsing Machine

(3) Refrigerator

(4) Air Fryer

(5) Coffee Machine

(6) Oven

(7) Dryer

(8) Commercial Noodle Cooker

(9) Steam Rice Ark

(10) Kettle Teapot

3. Effective And Safe Heat Transfer Solution

Heating tube is able to transform electricity into heating with high efficiency. The heating wire inside the shelter generate heating when power on, since the heating tube is filled with magnesium oxide powder, a kind of insulator, the surface of heating tube is non-conductive making heating tube to be a safe solution for heat transfer.

4. High Product Capacity

The rapid urbanization result in the booming demand of home appliance. Accordingly, the market for tubular heater is expanding, Gaosheng aluminum company has high production capacity of 100 thousand pieces daily with automatic machine.

5. Material

Stainless steel 304 which contains 18%~20% chromium and 8%~10.5% nickel ,is the common material for heating tube. Chromium is easily passivated by oxygen forming a continuous and strong layer in the surface of heating tube to protect it from corrosion. Besides, stainless steel 304, 800 and 316L is also widely used as the material of heating tube, any customized tubular heater is supported, Gaosheng aluminum company is ready to base on your needs to manufacture heating tube.  

6. Advantage of Gaosheng heating tube

a. 30 years’ experience

Gaosheng specializes in heating tube manufacturing for 30 years. With excellent skills, we are able to develop various kinds of tubular heater for oven element,stove element,kettle element,baking element,cooker elements and so on. The electric heating element manufactured by Gaosheng always have good quality.

b. Convenient location

Gaosheng allocates in Foshan, Gaoming, lies in the heart of the Pearl River Delta, neighboring Hong Kong and Macau, bordering Guangzhou to the east, Jiangmen and Zhongshan to the south, Zhaoqing to the west and Qingyuan to the north, enjoying a favorable geographic position and a well-developed transportation system.We reap the benefit from the convenient location of economy and transportation.

c. Safe

The magnesium oxide powder inside the tubular heater plays an important role in safety, it must be filled into the shelter evenly, otherwise, the heating tube has the risk of leakage. Gaosheng uses automatic machine for magnesium oxide powder filling to avoid any spacing in the shelter.

d. Flexible

The manufacturing of tubular heater is done by automatic machine, we can base on clients’ drawing to set the parameter of the machine. Different shapes, power, length, width, weight is available. Making suitable electric element for clients’ appliances is our goal.

e. Small size, high power

The construction of tubular heater is simple, heating wire inside,magnesium oxide powder filled in the middle and then stainless steel on the surface, making it to be light weight and portable, easy for installation and convenient for transportation. Though the tubular heater is small, the power of it is high that it can transfer heating to the heating medium quickly and efficiently.

f. Strong adaptability

Tubular heating element is widely used for different kinds of home appliance and industrial equipment. We could encounter the electric coil heater here and there, defrost heaters,food & bakery heater,washing machine heater,coffee machine heater, oven heater,air fryer heater,commercial noodle cooker heater,water boiler heater,kettle teapot heater are all tubular heater.

g. Durable and heat resistant

Tubular heater manufactured by Gaosheng has excellent performance. Normally, the working hours of heater coil can reach 3000 hours, it’s durable. What’s more, the tubular electric heating element can bear high temperature of 400℃.

Ten Aspects About Tubular Heater

1. What Is Tubular Heater

Heating tube is a kind of heating element that heating is generated by heating wire, filled with magnesium oxide powder inside, its surface is non-conductive when power on,as the magnesium oxide powder isolates the electricity. Tubular heater is widely used for different kinds of heating appliance, such as oven, air flyer, coffee machine, kettle.


Stainless steel tubular heater has great properties in resistance to corrosion and dry burning, the technology is mature, what’s more, the cost is usually inexpensive. Due to the small size of tubular heater, it’s portable and easy for installation, thus, tubular heating element is famous for heating appliance.   

2. History of tubular heater

Heating appliances appear in 19 century, but it was immature compared with today’s product. In late 19 century, Mr. Simpson invented the first tubular heating element of the world, and obtained the patent of it, this is what we know as tubular heater nowadays. Professionally, such a heating element is metal wire coiling in the inside the metal sheath, insulation material isolating the electricity between metal wire and metal sheath.


In the past, due to the lack if processing equipment, tubular heater was not widely used. Besides, there was no suitable metal to be resistant wire, only iron or other precious metals can be used. We all know that the resistance of iron is very limited, while precious metals, the cost of tubular heater would be very high. Thus, the development of tubular heater is very slow until the invention of nickel-chromium alloy. In the beginning of 20 century, US successfully developed the heating wire made by nickel-chromium alloy which has good performance of high temperature resistance and high resistivity.


In 1917, electrical engineer of US named Edwin L. Wiegand invented the fist heating tube with metal sheath, and set up a factory to manufacture tubular heater. In 1925, Japanese manufactured the pan with heating element, at the same time, in the time, electrical heating furnace and electric heating equipment appeared in industrial laboratory. During 1910 to 1925. the heating appliance developed rapidly in household and industry. During this period, all the heating appliance was improved in design and manufacture to achieve better appearance and durable performance.


After the 1940s, with the progressive science and technology, more affordable electricity bills, global economic development, heating appliances go into the public’s daily life. According to data, more than 90% household of US had electric iron at that time. At the beginning of 21 century, tubular heating element entered the mature use stage, it was applied in civil, industrial, military and other fields, for example, electric kettle, electric iron, electric oven and son on. Nowadays, with the development of the past a few decades, tubular heater is widely applied in electric water heater, refrigerator, clothes dryer, air conditioner and so on.


3. Working principle

As a heating element, tubular heater convert electricity to heating and then transfer the heating to the medium such as liquid and air. The heating wire shaped in spiral and located inside the shelter of the heating element is made by alloy of iron(Fe),chromium(Cr),aluminum(Al). When the tubular heating elements is power on, the current flow go through the heating wire which is a resistor, the resistor heats up converting electricity to heat.


Magnesium oxide powder plays an important role for the electric heating element, as it is not only one kind of insulator, but also a heat conductor. Magnesium oxide powder transfers heating to the shelter of the tubular heating element, and insulates the electricity to make the surface of tubular heater heat up but without being conductive, so that the tubular cooker elements,kettle element,oven element,stove heating element,baking element is efficiently and safe heating element.     

4. Category

According to the heating medium, tubular heating element can be divided into dry burning heater and immersion heater. Dry burning heater’s heating medium is air, the heating generated by the tubular heating element would transfer to the air, tubular oven element and tubular air fryer element are examples for dry burning heater. Oil and water are the common heating medium of immersion heater. Immersion heater must be avoid of dry burning, otherwise, fire dangerous may occur.  

5. Quality Product

Gaosheng aluminum company specialized in heating element for 30 years is able to figure out any quality issue during production and to ensure good quality of tubular heating elements. Firstly, the stainless steel shelter can’t be too thin, and should be seamless, or else, the tubular heater will burst easily which lead to short service life. Secondly, the magnesium oxide powder must be pure, can’t mix up with any iron fillings or other else.Beside, the magnesium oxide powder can’t be damp. If not, the heating can’t be transferred smoothly and stuck at certain part causing explosion or burst. Thirdly, the tubular heater must be sealed correctly to avoid leakage.

6. Different kinds of material

Tubular heating element, such as air fryer heating element,coffee machine heating element,furnace heating element,electric oven heating element, is mostly made by ferrous alloys, for example,304, 316 and 800. 304 stainless steel contains both chromium(between 18% and 20%) and nickel(between 8% and 10.5%)is the most common stainless steel, it is easily to be oxidized and form a protective layer on the surface to prevent corrosion. 304 stainless steel has good formability, as it doesn’t contain molybdenum which has nagative effect for the formability.


Stainless steel 316 contains chromium(16~18%), nickel(10~14%), molybdenum(2~3%), compared with stainless steel 304, 316 contains molybdenum, thus 316 has stronger ability for corrosion resistance than 304. Incoloy 800 has more than 39.5% iron, and 30~35% nickel, Incoloy 800 has good corrosion resistance in acidic environments while being resistant to oxidation in high temperature environments.

7. Tubular heater manufacturing process

The process of manufacturing tubular heater is not so that complex, but each step is important. Wire coiling is the process that heating wire is coiled on a automatic machine in clockwise direction , the heating wire can’t be too tight nor too loose to the iron bar. After the heating wire is coiled, it need to be attached to an iron bar, be reminded that the haeting wire can’t be stained nor corroded in this stage. Then, the magnesium oxide powder need to be filled in the shelter, make sure that the iron bar with heating wire should be placed in the middle of the shelter, to avoid any movement of the iron bar and damp of magnesium oxide powder, the shelter must be sealed immediately.


After that, we need to shrink the heating tube, under this stage, the magnesium oxide powder is shrink to higher density. In this section, we need to operate base on clients’ requirement for the length, width and resistance of the tubular heating element. No any powder leakage is allowed, and the surface of the shelter should be smooth, flat and no any thorn. According to clients’ demand, lettering on the surface of tubular heating element is supported. After the lettering, it’s time to bend the tubular heater, different shapes are available.  


Finally, the tubular heating element is inspected in details, range from appearance to quality. For those items not qualified, they are not allowed for packing while those qualified product will go into packing process.

8. Precautions for using tubular heater

No matter what kind of heating element, we must be aware of it’s conditions of use. Below listed attentions can be applied to various kinds of tubular heating element, range from heating element for oven, heating element for stove to heating element for coffee maker, heating element for air fryer and so on...

a, Understand the bearable temperature of the different tubular heater and select suitable one for certain appliance. Normally, the bigger power, the quicker of heating up.

b, The power can’t be over loaded,otherwise, internal temperature would be too high that causes fire dangerous.

c, Use correct voltage, each tubular heater is designed with specific voltage, 110V, 220V or 380V.

d, Know about the working environment of the heating element, immersion heater is not allowed for dry burning.

e, When there is scale on the surface of tubular sheathed heating elements, you must clean up timely to avoid difficulty of heat dissipation which would shorten the service life of tubular heating element.  

f, If the tubular heater was power off by sudden, it must be cool down before power on again, because the heating wire would be easily burst when powered if it’s hot.

9. Advantage of tubular heater

Tubular heater is famous for heating appliances as it has great performance as below:

a, There is magnesium oxide powder between the heating wire and the sheath isolating the electricity from conducting to the surface, thus, tubular heating element is safe for using. 

b, Great property in machanization, tubular heating element can be bent into different shapes due to it’s good ductility, M-shape, U-shape, W-shape, L-shape is the most common shapes of heating tube. Thus, the tubular heater can be customized base on any heating appliance.

c, The construction of tubular heating element is simple, and not many materials are requested, thus, it’s inexpensive. Besides, since it’s in small size, the cost for transportation is low.

d, Tubular heater is an effective heat conductor, heating appliances with tubular heating element can cook in short time. Due to the high efficiency of heat transfer, tubular heater is energy and electricity saving. What’s more, service life of tubular heater is long, normally 3000 working hours.  

e, The sheath of tubular heating element is made by metal, such as stainless steel, copper, iron, it’s strong enough to avoid damage during transportation.

10. Tubular heater and heating plate

Heating plate is the heating element of rice cooker and pressure cooker, tubular heater is the core component of heating plate, as it converts electricity to heating and conveys heating to the heating plate. Some heating plates have one tubular heater while some have two, those heating plates with tubular heater have better performance in temperature control, since the cooking temperature is controlled by a thermal controller which makes it flexible for the heating transition between each tubular heater in the process of heating up and keeping warm.


Compared to the heating wire, tubular heating element is better choice for heating plate, even though heating wire is more inexpensive than tubular heater, since magnesium oxide powder is filled between heating wire and sheath isolating electricity, the surface of heating tube is nonconducting while heating wire is electriferous when it’s heating up.

Types of Electric Tubular Heater

Various types of tubular heaters are available in the global market, and each has different characteristics, such as shapes of tubes and applying condition. Following are the most common types of tubular heaters that people will see and apply in daily life.

1. Finned electric tubular heater

Finned electric tubular heater is made of stainless steel material and tight fins on the surface of the pipe. It’s good at heat transfer and heat dissipation as thermal conductor.

Tube: Diameter 17 to 80mm, welded or seamless

Material of Pipe: 304/316/321 stainless steel, copper, steel, Incoloy, titanium

Operating Temperature: Up to 1200°F

Watt Density: Up to 120 W/inch per square

Material of Fin: aluminum, stainless steel, steel

Height of Fins: 10 to 35 mm

Bending Shapes: 3U type, W type, U type, I type, and customized


1. Dryer

2. Hatch room

3. Plastic machinery

4. Oven

5. Cable machinery

2. Flange electric tubular heater

Electrical flange immersion heaters, also called as plug-in electric heater, are designed for heating up or temperature maintaining of gases and liquid in tank or pressurized vessel.  

Sheath Material: Copper, Steel, 304 Stainless steels, INCOLOY

Flange materials: steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel, Alloy 800

Rated voltage: 12V-1000V, and customized is available

Watt density: 0.1 to 20 w/cm²

Usage temperature:-200℃(-392°F) to +850℃(1562°F)

Diameter: 0.260”, 0.315”, 0.375”, 0.430” or 0.475”,0.625”

Wattage: Up to 50,000W

Useable medium:Gas, water, oil, and any fluid material


1. Steam boilers

2. Rinse tanks

3. Spray washers

4. Chemical baths

5. Hot water storage 

3. Titanium electric tubular heater

Titanium is one of the best conductor and heat delivers compared with conventional glass. It is ideal for applying in water system, marine and any aquarium.

Sheath Material: titanium

Tube diameter: 6mm-30mm

Wattage Density: 5-25w/square centimeters

Working temperature: up to 650℃(1202°F)

Insulation Material: MgO

Conductor Material: Nichrome Resistance Wire


1. Hot Water Storage Tanks

2. Warming Equipment  

3. Preheating All Grades of Oil  

4. Food Processing Equipment  

5. Heat Transfer Systems 

6. Boiler Equipment    

7. Process Air Equipment  

8. Cleaning and Rinsing Tanks    

9. Freeze Protection of Any Fluid    

4. Teflon electric tubular heater

Teflon electric tubular heater is sheathed with the material of PTFE, and designed with low surface load, it is a new kind of corrosion resistant tubular heater with great properties of anti-aging and bending performance.

Material: stainless steel 316 or 304 for inner core, PTFE for sheath

Shape: spiral type, mosquito coil type, right angle, W type, L type, Z type

Low surface power: 1.5W/ square centimeters

Usage temperature:-200℃(-392°F) to +650℃(1202°F)

Voltage :12V-1000V, and customized available

Usable medium: Gas, water, oil, and fluid


1. Semi-conductor waver cleaning tank

2. Heat exchanger

3. Automotive fuel tube

4. brake hose

5. Mechanical pressure tube

6. Electric heat tube

5. Quartz electric tubular heater

Quartz electric tubular heater is able to absorb all the visible light and near-infrared light that generating by heating wire.

Material: opal white quartz glass tube for sheath, tungsten for heating wire

Watt densities: 35-40 watts per square

Shapes: M type, O type, U type, S type, customized

Tube diameter: 10-20 mm

Characteristic: fast heating up, good thermal stability, crisp, difficult in reprocessing, not able for accurate temperature control


1. Light wave stove

2. Packaging machinery

3. Defrosting element for refrigerator

4. Disinfection cabinet

5. Electric dimming device

6. Copying equipment

7. Plastics thermoforming

6. Radiant electric tubular heater

Radiant electric tubular heater is a kind of heating device that converts electricity to heat. It generates heating with heating element sealed in the protective sheath, then the heating is indirectly radiate to the brusque and the materials to be heated when power on.

Material: Cr20Ni80, Cr25A15, Cr21A16Nb, Cr27A17Mo2

Tube diameter: 60-300 mm

Shapes: P type, W type, O type, U type, customized

Working temperature: 1000℃(1832°F) to 1200℃(2192°F)


1. Electric furnace

2. Heating furnace

3. Floor heating systems

7. Defrosting heater

Refrigerator defrosting heater has the function of rapid heat generation for defrosting freezer and ice.

Material: 304 stainless steel

Tube diameter: 6.5 mm,8 mm, 8.5 mm, any customized

Shapes: I type, U type, L type, any customized

Power: 100W-5000W


1. Refrigerator

2. Freezer

3. Air cooler

4. Cold storage

5. Evaporator


Gaosheng Aluminum Company specializes in electric tubular heater manufacturing for 30 years, we have excellent technology for heating element, we are pleased to answer any of your query. If have any questions about tubular heater, please feel free to give a message anytime. 

Q : Why To Choose GSAL ?

A: GSAL has specialized in manufacturing tubular heating elements since 1993 and has more than 500 skilled employees, therefore, we are experienced in sample development and bulk production. Besides, GSAL has a 44,000 square meters of floor area, 3 melting furnaces, and 60 automatic machines, we are capable in the industry of heating elements. Compared to other suppliers, Gaosheng’s production lead time is shorter, as we have enough employees and automatic machines to ensure the production capacity.

Q: Whether Customized Product Is Supported ?

A: Yes, any customized product is supported. Tubular heating element with different shapes, powder, length, width, and weight is welcomed, just send us the product drawing, and we will base it on your need to develop a new product.

Q: Is Any Advantage For Gaosheng's Equipment ?

A: GSAL focuses on the investment of automatic machines, till now, we have 15T and 25T melting furnaces, 20 filling machines, 10 spot melting machines, 10 tube bending machines, and 20 wire coiling machines. These automatic machines have greatly improved the efficiency of tubular heating element production. 

Q: Is Gaosheng's Product Reliable ?

A: You can trust our product surely, as we are professional and responsible. In the past 30 years, we have corporate with famous brands, such as Supor, Panasonic, Midea, Cuckoo, Simatelex, Enaiter, Topim. We huge quality inspection team and each tubular heating element is checked strictly before shipment, and clients always speak highly of our heating element. Gaosheng aluminum company was awarded as the outstanding supplier of Midea in 2021.

Q: What Is The Production Lead Time ?

A: According to the production capacity of 100,000 pieces of tubular heating elements every day, our production lead time is short. If the order quantity is one million, we can finish the production in 10 days based on everything settled. With so many automatic machines and skilled technicians, we have the ability to handle big orders.

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