Titanium Electric Heating Tube GS10159128

Titanium Electric Heating Tube GS10159128
Titanium Electric Heating Tube GS10159128

Titanium electric heating tube uses titanium metal as the tube shell of the heating tube. Titanium tube can effectively prevent acid corrosion, so titanium electric heating tube has certain anti-corrosion function, suitable for heating weak acid corrosion liquid. Mostly used is the heating of the electrolytic cell.

The advantages of titanium electric heating tube are: large heating power, high thermal efficiency, not limited by the depth of the groove; easy to use power line heating, and achieve three-phase power balance; easy installation, less leads; easy to replace the electric heating wire.

  • 1.     Material requirementsheating wire material; medium and high temperature magnesium powder;

    2.     Cold withstand voltage: 1500V/0.5mA/3s. Leakage current: 1.15 times the rated power and must not exceed 0.5mA;

    3.     The leakage current at the working temperature shall not exceed 0.5mA, and the voltage of the heating tube shall be adjusted to make the input power equal to 1.15 times the maximum rated input power under the condition of sufficient heat dissipation;

    4.     Overload test: the input power is 1.27 times the rated value, the heating tube is energized for 1 hour under the condition of sufficient heat release, and the power is off for 0.5 hours to room temperature ( forced cooling is allowed), which can withstand 30 cycles without damage;

    5.     Lifespan: The heating tube is connected to the rated voltage, energized for 1 hour under sufficient heat release conditions, and cooled down to room temperature for 0.5 hours after power off ( forced cooling is allowed), and the cumulative working time is >3000 hours;

    6.     The surface of the tube body is black and oxidized, with uniform color, no scratches, bubbles, peeling or partial accumulation. The two ends of the lead-out rod are digging powder 5mm, which should be sealed with epoxy resin and silicone glue. Both ends of the ceramic sleeve package should be firm and reliable, and no loosening or air leakage is allowed;

    7.     Except for the cold end of the heating pipe, the heating should be uniform;

    8.     The final use state of the electric heating tube is flat, with a flatness of 0.5mm;

    9.     After the blade terminal and the heating tube lead-out rod are welded, they can withstand a tensile force of 10KG or a torsion force of 8KG;

    10. All materials meet relevant certification requirements such as food hygiene;

Material of Pipe Titanium
Tube Diameter Φ11 - Φ50
Withstand Temperature Range 1668°C (3035°F)
Length of Tube Customized
Length of Lead Customized
Voltage 120V -480V

1KW - 60KW

Shape Customized
Size Customized

Salt Aquarium, Freshwater Aquarium, 


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