The Best Way To Take Care Of Your Rice Cooker



According to data, the world's annual output of rice cookers in 100 million, rice cookers have walked into thousands of households, a variety of them also emerge in endlessly,It is obvious that electric rice cooker is indispensable in our life. But we found that as the increasing of using times, the rice cooker became more and more vulnerable to dirty. I guess many people want to know how to take care of rice cookers, right? Let us uncover the secrets about rice cookers.

Keep Clean

Keep the bowl clean and do not use metal appliances in the bowl. Here's what you need to know, the most critical part of the rice cooker function is to keep the heating element clean. I have a habit of putting clean dishes back before wiping them on the rice cooker. Needless to say, the heating element is the metal circle in the center. This is the core of the rice cooker and we need to be very careful to protect this part. If anything does boil and gets inside the cooker, be sure to wipe it clean before using it again. It's really hard to clean up when burned on rice goo.

When you have neglected your rice cooker for a long time, then you may have noticed that the rice cooker has brown things burning on the heating element. You can try scraping it off special gently with a very fine sandpaper or fine mesh steel wool. But when you attempt to clean it before it gets to that point though since this abrasive action may damage the element.

Once your rice cooker is still cooking after cleaning the heating element, and you have had a 'boil-over' accident previously, the heating part may be severely damaged. In this case you will have to either live with it or buy the new cooker, unfortunately.


Given the proper care, a good rice cooker will last for many years. Good rice cookers tend to be expensive, unless you can afford to burn them, you'll probably want your rice cooker to last a long time. So keep the rice cooker clean and take care of it!

Outstanding Manufacturer

As the core component of rice cookers, many manufacturers are committed to the study of rice cooker heating elements. Foshan Gaoming Gaosheng Aluminum Co., Ltd. has been expertizing in researching and developing professional hot plate OEM/ODM solutions for the global famous rice cooker brands for many years and its products are recognized by customers all over the world.




The Best Way To Take Care of Your Rice Cooker


The Best Way To Take Care of Your Rice Cooker

The excellent performance of rice cooker heating elements will give the rice cooker a better performance, having an excellent rice cooker is very crucial for every family, if you have any interest in rice cooker heating elements, you can go to Foshan Gaoming Gaosheng Aluminum Co., Ltd., here you will have the products you want!Best rice cooker for you is always the key driver of our loyal service.

Specific Solution

Moreover, I will share how to clean the rice cooker heating elements below for your reference. There is a specific solution which we’ll explain to you a step-by-step guide to help you do the job perfectly.

Step 1: Unplugging

Before cleaning the cooker, make sure that the device is  securely unplugged and does not come into contact with the direct electricity, as power can be hazardous during operation.

After getting electric power the heating plate starts to warm up and if you clean at that time you will feel dangerous electric shocks. Therefore, do not perform any cleaning tasks with the device plugged out. 

It’s vital to protect yourself well whenever you clean it.

Step 2: Take Time To Cool The Rice Cooker At Room Temperature

When the rice cooker is hot or when the work is just finished, a small droplet can produce water vapor, forming a spot on the heating plate, it is best not to clean the rice cooker at this time. You have to give the temperature of the rice cooker to drop, and after reaching a safe temperature, you can do further tasks.

Step 3: Remove The Upside Parts

By removing upfront parts such as the inner lid, dew collector, inner pot, steam cap and inner pot , you can clean the heating plate directly and quickly. Every good rice cooker has these indispensable quality components and functions. These accessories are needed to be placed in position. For doing that you need to remove these accessories so that manually clean them and make them new for further use.

You can also remove these parts while checking that they are in good condition or need to be replaced. Occasionally many accessories need to be replaced for better performance.

Step 4: Prepare Cleaning Materials

It is extremely important to make sure that every element you want to use for cleaning is safe for you. In general, you'll probably a regular dishwasher and a kitchen sponge.

However, if there are any dents, spots or stains on the heating plate, you must use oxidants such as chlorine bleach. It can be suggested that you can use toothpaste as an alternative to dishwasher, which is very effective in cleaning.

Step 5: Start Cleaning Work

First remove the dried food with sandpaper or wire cotton. Whatever you use, you need to safely wipe off the dry, sticky material on the surface of the round plate.

Now, after wiping away the dirt from the surface of the plate, you should use white vinegar and water equivalent and gently rinse with a hard cloth. If the rag does not remove dirt, it is effective to use a damp scrubber or wire cotton. 

Finally, after removing all stains and dirt, clean the front part of the plate and rinse it with a dishwasher or detergent.

In these steps, you can use a soft cloth for safety reasons.

Step 6: Dried Up And Reinstalled

Dry the part before placing it. Try drying and rinsing with a clean cloth. You can try to dry it individually so that each part is taken care of and, most importantly, extends the life of the device. That's why you have to take care of it before you put it in place.

Step 7: Full Body Clean

Now that you've cleaned the heating plate and dried all the basic components, it's time to clean your entire body with soapy water. This cleaning keeps the cookware clean outside. Since you've done heating plate cleaning before.

Step 8: Final Check

After cleaning, rinsing, and drying the equipment components, the rice cooker must be checked for proper operation. If you let water droplets into the circuit, it would be catastrophic.  So do not let water into the circuit before cleaning.

However, if there are no problems with the operation of the device, you can say that the cleaning was successful.

All in all, follow the steps listed above and you'll definitely benefit if you can cook and clean the device regularly.


The rice cooker must be used almost all the time, so it needs to be kept clean, especially the heating elements. But when we clean it mindfully, you'll get a better rice cooker and be able to reduce the hassle, which is well worth it.

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