4 Questions To The Secret Of Pressure Cooker



When customer purchase kitchen appliances, such as pressure cookers and air fryers, what is the first consideration before purchasing? Is the performance of the cooker? Or the outlook or the durability? Based on the information from, time-saving, affordable price, simplicity, convenience and positive feelings are the major reasons for customers purchasing a product. Therefore, pressure cooker satisfies all the customer’s requirement listed above. However, regardless of those reasons, purchasers might neglect the aluminum heating plate which is located the underneath of the pressure cooker’s cooking pan. Aluminum heating plate is a heat creator which is made with aluminum alloy and heating tubes. It is well-known as the second most important elements in the kitchen appliances. Aluminum heating plate has a silvery shinning surface, and it also has small strip-type texture around the face side.

  • Why pressure cooker can make food so delicious and yummy? 
  • Why pressure cooker also called multi-cooker?
  • Does people have ever considered why aluminum heating plate can create heat?
  • Why pressure cooker has ability to cook a meal in a very short time?

Let us tell you the answers.  

1. The round texture of a heating plate affects heat distribution. Before heating plate being sold, its surface is rough, uneven, and dull color. Therefore, Gaosheng technicians who has 30 years experiences on manufacturing aluminum heating plate place the heating disk into a machine for processing. In less than 30 second, heating plate recovers to shinning metal surface with uncountable round textures. Textures are one of the important factors for heating plate because the more textures a heating plate has, the more heat dissipation of cooking pan which result in food absorbing heat evenly. In technical speaking, rice cooker at least has 18 round textures and pressure cooker at least has 20 textures per centimeter. It is the reason why pressure cooker can make food so delicious and yummy.  

2. Aluminum heating plate is casted with either one or two heating tubes. Tube heater is a device exhaust heat travel from the inside of the tube resulting in tube surface temperatures up to certain degrees. Based on the picture below, aluminum heating plate has two heating tube. This heating disk is going to be installed into a pressure cooker. The voltage of these two tube heaters is 500W and 1500W. Both heating tubes work separately, and each has its own function. 500W heating tube is for slow cooking and warm keeping. 1500W is for quick cooking or generate high temperature. Therefore, pressure cooker is also called a multi-functional cooker.

3. People would be curious about how does pressure cooker works with heat generating. Because of aluminum heating plate, it is a kind of heating element with great conductivity that is used to covert electrical energy to heat through the process of joule heating. As soon as the electrical current run through aluminum heating plate, heat is generated and goes into the process of cooking. As food is sealed in the pan of pressure cooker, any moisture or steam is trapped and cannot escape to anywhere which caused high pressure inside the cooking pan. High pressure will lead to higher boiling point of water, water will have reached a temperature of approximately 120 °C (248 °F) which cooks the food much faster.



All in all, aluminum heating plate is an essential for pressure cooker because it generates and converts heat evenly to cooking pan resulted to yummy rice and delicious meals for every family on earth. The performance of pressure cooker brings convenience, time-saving and affordable selling price. Gaosheng Aluminum Company has dedicated many years on studying the aluminum and heating staff. Therefore, our company has great expertise to corporate with all you needs.

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