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Many guys know that heating plate is the heating element of both rice cooker and pressure cooker, but that’s all they know about heating plate. To be honest, know more about how to find out a good heating plate is significant for us to select a better heating appliance. Now let us introduce the overall heating plate in terms of material and structure to you.  

Material: As a heating element, heating plate’s working principle is to convert electrical energy to heat and conduct it to the heating medium. Most rice cookers and pressure cookers are made by aluminum alloy. Information from Wikipedia, aluminum alloy is an alloy in which alumium (Al) is the predominant metal, and the typical alloying elements are copper, magnesium, manganese, silicon, tin and zinc. Aluminum alloy has great performance on corrosion resistance since a layer of aluminum oxide would be generated on the surface when aluminum is exposed to air protecting aluminum alloy from corrosion. 

In addition, aluminum alloy is three times as thermal conductivity as steel, and regarding to the electrical conductivity, it conducts twice as much electricity as copper of same weight. Aluminum alloy is recyclable, the energy uses for recycling is just 5% of the energy producing new aluminum. All those mentioned above decide aluminum alloy is the best material for heating plate.

Construction: Whether the construction of heating plate is reasonable or not, people can evaluate by it’s appearance. Due to heating plate works in high temperature and pressure for a long period, it must be thick enough to avoid splitting and melting during usage. Moreover, the pillars should be allocated evenly at the bottom of the heating plate to avoid uneven stress and uneven heating. Otherwise, rice would be cooked incompletely which causes bad taste. As people can see, there is a lot of stripe-type texture on the face side of heating plate. It can increase the superficial area of the heating plate so does the radiant area, in order that heat is conducted efficiently, completely and evenly.      

heating plate

Heating tube: Normally there is one or two heating tubes inside the heating plate, which is used for heat generating. Heating plate with one heating tube has difficulty on temperature control, as it relies on only one heating tube for temperature adjustment when the temperature is high enough and need to go into the stage of keeping warm. On the other side, heating plate with two heating tubes has better performance for thermal control, the cooking temperature of two separated heating tube is controlled well by a thermal controller, which contributes to more flexible transition between the process of heating up and keeping warm. 

Even though heating wire is cheaper than heating tube, heating tube is a safer choice for heating plate, since magnesia powder is filled inside the heating tube isolating the surface of heating tube and the heating wire, the surface of heating tube is nonconducting while heating wire is electriferous when it’s heating up.

Usage: Each heating plate has its specific service conditions, therefore, users must understand well about the power and service voltage because it avoids danger during the usage. Moreover, for safety, heating plate should be kept far away from any explosive and flammable medium. Heating plate can reach high temperature of 500℃,but exceed heating would lead to fire danger.

According to relative data, expert suggests that child is prohibited to use the appliance with heating plate. Heating plate is crucial to heating appliances, just as CPU to a computer. Know more about the heating plate is helpful for selecting good heating appliance and use it in correct manner. Gaosheng Aluminum Company is pleased to solve any of your query, as we have more than 30 years’ experience for heating plate manufacturing.

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