Rice Cooker or Pressure Cooker - Which One is More Effective



The same: both rice cookers and pressure cookers can cook rice; the external structure of rice cookers and pressure cookers is roughly the same as that of the heating plate.

But rice cookers and pressure cookers work differently. The rice cooker adopts the aluminium heating plate, which is a good companion for rice and can let the rice taste well after a period time in cooking. However, the power of the heating plate of the pressure cooker is somewhat larger than that of the rice cooker. The rice and meat cooked in the pressure cooker are fast cooking, so the rice cooked in the electric pressure cooker is not as good as the rice cooker, but the electric pressure cooker can cook the food well just in a short time. Cook ingredients that are not easy to cook, such as soy products and bones, all of these are needed to cook for a long time.

Also, rice cookers and pressure cookers have different cooking time. The electric pressure cooker with aluminum casting heating plate for pressure cooker is a sealed type of high-pressure heating, and the hot steam is continuously circulated in the sealed room to quickly cook the food in a short time. Therefore, the electric pressure cooker can soften the long-time cooking foods, such as bones in one and half an hour. At the same time, it is also a good helper for the family, and can cook multiple dishes and soups in a short time. However, the rice cooker is designed according to the slow cooking method. The heating plate has a small power, so it is safe and convenient. It is mainly used for cooking rice, porridge, and meat, but it takes longer than a pressure cooker.

Lastly, rice cookers and pressure cookers are not sold at the same price. In the comparison of the same brand of small household appliances, the sales price of electric pressure cookers is higher than that of rice cookers. All in all, rice cookers and pressure cookers are great helpers for cooks. If you have a certain pursuit of the taste of rice, it is recommended to choose a rice cooker. If the family needs a small household appliance that saves time and convenience, a machine that can stew meat, boil soup and boil bones, etc., it is recommended to choose a pressure cooker with a high-power heating plate is the best choice.

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