How To Clean Aluminum Metal Product ?



Where The Aluminum Metals Be Applied ?

Aluminum metals are widely applied in people’s daily life because it has the advantages of conductive, lightweight, and easy to weld. For example, due to the lightweight of aluminum, Tesla’s whole shell is made of aluminum. The lighter car body has the more miles the electric vehicle can be drove. Same for the rice cooker, the better the conductive of aluminum electric heating plate, the yummier the rice to serve. However, with time passed, there are something bad happened on aluminum material, such as ugly and dark stains, oxidation, and so on.

Especially during rice cooker is working, rice soup may leak out the cooking pan which caused aluminum electric heating plate coated with dark burned stains. These stains will cause low efficiency, bad appearance, and high-power consuming if people do not clean immediately. Therefore, some people may want to know the techniques of cleaning aluminum. Gaosheng Aluminum Company has more than 30 years study experiences on aluminum product making, we are honored to share some useful tips. Maintaining the silvery shinny of aluminum metal is easy if follow the steps:

How To Clean The Aluminum With Ethanol ?

Ethanol is a plant-based alcohol which is commonly applied in alcoholic beverage and medical products based on the information from Wikipedia. Grease stains can be easily found in kitchen appliances, such as aluminum cooking pan, aluminum electric heating plate, and so on. According to the principle of miscibility, grease is one type of organic, the organic can be dissolved in organic solvent. Thus, grease stains can be removed by ethanol.

1. Wearing protective gear and gloves before starting for protection purpose

2. Place certain amount of ethanol in a small piece of dry soft cloth until it is fully soaked

3. Gently wipe the grease stains using circular motions

4. Continue to soak the cloth into the ethanol and repeat several times until it is spotless

Since ethanol is a kind of chemical solvent that is corrosive, user should pay a great attention on skin protection. Furthermore, ethanol is flammable, it must be far away from fire.

How To Clean Aluminum With Acid-based Solutions ?

Acid-based product are easy to be seen and found in kitchen, such as vinegar, ketchup, and lemon. These are natural and environmental-friendly cleaners for people to use daily. If housewife find out the aluminum cooking pan is getting oxidated, acid is necessary. And it also can dissolve oily dirt in aluminum electric heating plate.

1. Mix one spoon of water with 2 spoon of vinegar in a glass container

2. Put a certain amount of detergent into the glass container

3. Using a chopstick or a wood stick to stir until the detergent is fully mixed with vinegar

4. Soak the toothbrush into the vinegar and wipe around the aluminum until it’s clean

5. Use kitchen paper towel to clean up the dirt  

Please reminded to cut off the power supply and use soft cloth or paper as aluminum is soft during cleaning process. Cleaning correctly is a kindly maintenance for aluminum metal, it is not only maintaining the silvery white appearance, but also extending its service life. As one of aluminum casting suppliers in today market, Gaosheng Aluminum Company is pleased and honored to share some tips. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any query. Then, with the exception of aluminum product maintenance, here we give short introduction to our heating element in rice cooker or other machines.

Heating Element Details Overview

The heating element is one of the most influential inventions in modern heating and electricity. For example, electric heaters, toasters, showers, dryers, etc. all rely on heating elements. But what is a heating element and how does it work?

What Is A Heating Element ?

The heating element converts electrical energy into heat through a resistive process (also called Joule heating). Current through the element meets resistance, which generates heat. Typically, heating elements consist of coils, ribbons, or ribbon threads (such as filaments) that provide heat. Heating elements contain electric current which flows through a coil, ribbon or wire and becomes very hot. The element converts electrical energy passing through it into heat, which is generated outward in all directions.

How Does The Heating Element Work?

Heating elements help convert electrical energy into heat. However, understanding how heating elements work requires learning some basic electrical lessons. First, conductors are good carriers of power. Conversely, insulators are poor carriers of electricity. Both conductors and insulators offer resistance to the current flowing through them, although in different amounts. Conductors offer low resistance while insulators offer high resistance. Therefore, electronic circuits include resistors, which control the amount of current flowing. Finally, how does the heating element work?

"Resistors work by converting electrical energy into heat; in other words, when current passes through them, they heat up. But it's not just resistors that do that. If you run enough current through it , even a thin A wire also gets hot. This is the basic idea behind an incandescent (old fashioned bulb-shaped lamp). Inside a glass bulb there is a coil very thin called a filament. When enough current passes through it, it emits a very bright, white-hot light - so it really glows when heated." Therefore, the heating element provides a solid electrical element that generates heat when a large current passes through it.

Heating Element Type

Many devices contain heating elements, which means that there are many types of heating elements.

PTC Heating Element

Conductive PTC rubber PTC heating elements increase resistivity exponentially with increasing temperature. These elements work with radiators that generate a lot of electricity in the cold. As a result, they heat up quickly and maintain a constant temperature.

Composite Heating Element

In composite heating elements, the tubular or sheathed element forms a thin coil of nickel-chromium resistance heating alloy wire. Composite heating elements can be incorporated into appliances such as ovens as straight rods. Instead, composite elements can be bent and incorporated into appliances, such as electric stoves, ovens or coffee machines.

How To Repair Or Repair A Heating Element ?

Many heating elements include their part number on the actual element. This helps identify useful parts for replacement. For example, knowing the exact part helps technicians troubleshoot any issues with heating elements (especially in ovens). "The heating element part number is located on the heating element. All furnaces have the model and serial number listed in the visible area to aid in finding replacement parts. If the furnace was installed by a repairer, the repairer will also put a sticker on the outside of the oven Sticker with the contact details of the assistance and repair service If there is no number, the manufacturer of the stove (also clearly indicated on the exterior of the stove) will provide the correct replacement part for the heating element.

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