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Pressure Cooker Electric Heating Plate GS10359123

Aluminum heating plate is a metallic type of heating element that consists of permanent molding process, aluminum alloy, and tubular heater. Aluminum metal has undergone more than ten processes such as ingot heating, homogeneous annealing, and thousand-ton extrusion, various styles, etc, in addition, it also has outstanding environmental protection function, can be recycled, almost does not volatilize harmful substances and poisonous gas, is a green metal. Therefore, aluminum metal heating plates are environmentally friendly, low emission and corrosion resistant, allowing it to withstand high temperature and high pressure in harsh environments, and has a long service life.

GS10359123 is a pressure cooker heating plate, the power of the heating plate can be customized according to customer requirements. The heating plate of the rice cooker can be an oxidation process and a spraying process. Because GSAL is a long-term development company, the company's spray material are water-based environmentally friendly materials in order to reduce the harm of chemicals to nature.

The spray coating on the aluminum heating plate can improve the heating efficiency and reduce the energy consumption, thereby, increasing the uniform and stable thermal insulation performance of the aluminum heating plate.

The oxide film immerse the heat radiation ability of the aluminum heating plate and prevent the heating plate from drying and melting.



Product Number

GS - 10359123

Product Specification

900W / 220V



Voltage Area

100V ~ 240V

Power Area

180W ~ 1500W

1. Proper environment: Air heating

2. Electric Insulation:DC1000V,≥500MΩ

3. Limited service temperature:Premium Aluminum 350℃,Anodized Aluminum 400℃,Paint - coated Aluminum 400℃

4. Aluminum Material Specification: ADC12 and AC3A

Pressure Cooker, Portable Pressure Cooker, Commercial Pressure Cooker, Industrial Appliances, Electric Pressure Cooker, Instant Pot, and etc.


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