Paint Coated Aluminum Heating Plate GS10910001

  • The power of the aluminium heating plate is not fixed. In a certain range, the better the heat dissipation, the greater the power.
  • Low-voltage products not only need to adhere to their voltage, but also need to pay attention to the current.
  • If the supply current cannot meet the inrush current of the product, the product will heat up slowly, low temperature or even short circuit.
  • Do not immerse directly in water or liquid.



Product Number

GS - 10910001

Product Specification

1300W / 220V



Voltage Area

100V ~ 240V

Power Area

180W ~ 1500W

1. Proper environment Air heating

2. Electric Insulation:DC1000V,≥500MΩ

3. Limited service temperature:Premium Aluminum 350℃,Anodized Aluminum 400℃,Paint - coated Aluminum 400℃

4. Material Specification:ADC12 and AC3A

GSAL aluminum heating plate is a type of heat-resistant heater that is made of a high-quality aluminum tube embedded in a brass alloy. Casting of the aluminium plate allows the plate to be of various shapes and sizes to meet specific applications. After finishing, the plate can be perfectly fitted to a heated body. Its many applications include die and plastic machinery, rubber and chemical industries, and even the aerospace industry. 

GASL is one manufacturer of aluminium heating plates that are used in manufacturing processes. These heating plates can reach temperatures of 200 degC, and are customizable to the individual needs of a customer. Moreover, they can be manufactured in any size or shape. They can also feature various recesses, such as screw threads or bore-holes. They can also have liquid channels for cooling.

While the stainless steel heat plate is widely used, aluminum plates are considered superior in several ways. The metal is highly durable and the heat it emits is even, so the consistency of your finished product is better. The high temperature of aluminum heat plates also allows for more consistent heat and greater consistency. The same can be said for the aluminum heat plate. This metal can be easily converted into a suitable heating medium for your application.

It is important to note that a typical heat plate can reach up to 200degC. Its electrical properties will allow you to adjust the temperature as you like, and the temperature will be constant throughout the process and features include good insulation, corrosion resistance, and coervie field. It can be designed and manufactured to fit a variety of specifications.


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