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Japanese Electric Aluminum Heating Plate GS10320148

Aluminum heating plate is a metallic type of heating element that consists of permanent molding process, aluminum alloy, and tubular heater. Aluminum metal has undergone more than ten processes such as ingot heating, homogeneous annealing, and thousand-ton extrusion, various styles, etc, in addition, it also has outstanding environmental protection function, can be recycled, almost does not volatilize harmful substances and poisonous gas, is a green metal. Therefore, aluminum metal heating plates are environmentally friendly, low emission and corrosion resistant, allowing it to withstand high temperature and high pressure in harsh environments, and has a long service life.

Japanses rice cooker heating is mainly divided into heating plate and IH electromagnetic heating. The principle of heating the heating plate is to conduct heat to the bottom of the inner tank through the heating plate, and then the inner tank transmits the heat to the ingredients. This heating method has low production cost and easy control. IH electromagnetic heating connects the alternating current through the electromagneti coil and directly heats the metal liner, which bypasses the heat conduction process of the heating plate, and the temperature rises rapidly. The heating plate is called 炊飯器加熱プレートin Japanese, that is, the bottom of the inner pot of the rice cooker is heated by electricity. Among all the types of rice cookers, the heating plate rice cooker is simple in structure, simple in maintenance, less in failure, low in power consumption, low in price, so it is also the most popular type of rice cooker in the world. GSAL has been a supplier of Japanese home appliances since 2000, and has been strictly audited in production and testing. 

Diameter 150mm
Product Number GS10320148
Product Specification  110V/580W
Capacity 0.5L-6L
Voltage Area 100-240V
Power Area 180W-900W

1. Proper environment: Air heating

2. Electric InsulationDC1000V≥500MΩ

3. Limited service temperaturePremium Aluminum 350Anodized Aluminum 400Paint - coated Aluminum 400

4. Aluminum Material SpecificationADC12 and AC3A


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