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    Aluminum permanent mold castings often prevail when a casting requires higher strength, improved cosmetics, greater complexity, larger size, or when using a mechanical steel core can reduce costs. GSAL provides permanent mold casting services with advanced equipment, high technology and reliable quality.

  • Date:2024/06/14

Aluminum heating plate is a metallic type of heating element that consists of permanent molding process, aluminum alloy, and tubular heater. Aluminum heating plates are able to transfer power from 300W to 1800W. Aluminum heating plate are widely applied in kitchen appliances, household appliances, and industrial appliances. For example, portable rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, and commercial cookers.

Aluminum Heating Plate's production procedure

1. Metal Casting Molding

Metal casting molding process (also known as liquid molding) refers to the molding method of metal products that are melted by heat and cast into a pre-made mold, so that the liquid metal becomes a solid casting, and after solidification, a metal product with a certain shape and performance is obtained. Casting molds are divided into disposable, semi-permanent and permanent castings. Disposable molds are generally those that are destroyed during the removal of the casting, and are often made with patterns made of wax, wood, plastic, or metal. A permanent mold is a more expensive but reusable mold.

2. Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum alloys are the most widely used non-ferrous metal structural materials in the industry, and are widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, and machinery manufacturing. Compared with ordinary carbon steel, aluminum alloys are lighter in weight and are resistant to corrosion and deformation, but corrosion resistant is not as good as pure aluminum. Aluminum alloy has good ductility, and the finished shape can be processed into rod, sheet, and wire. The International Alloy Designation System names eachs series of aluminum alloy by four digits, ranging from 1000 to 8000 series, where the first digit of the series is the main element. The aluminum alloy series used in the aluminum alloy heating plate are 6061 and 6063.

3. Tubular Heater

The heating tube is a tubular electric heating element, the material is divided into metal tube, glass tube, ceramic tube, carbon fiber tube, silicone tube and so on. The high temperature resistance wire is evenly distributed in the high temperature resistant tube, and the magnesium oxide powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation performance is filled, so that high thermal efficiency and uniform heat generation are achieved. When there is current passing through the high temperature resistant wire, the generated heat diffuses to the surface of the metal tube through the magnesium oxide powder, and then transfers to the aluminum alloy or the air to achieve the purpose of heating.


4. Low-pressure Casting Procedure

Low pressure casting is a permanent mold, and the mold is made of metal material. The advantages of low pressure casting: 1.Because the pressure during casting is low and the speed can be adjusted, it is suitable for casting various alloys and finished products of various sizes and shapes; 2.The casting crystallize under pressure, and the castings are dense in structure, clear in outline and smooth in surface; 3. Metal utilization rate reaches 90-98%; 4. Low labor intensity, high safety, low-pressure casting equipment can be mechanized and automated production.

5. Drilling Holes on the Aluminum Heating Plate

Continuity needs to be established between the top and bottom layers of the aluminum heating plate, so drill holes on the aluminum heating plate in order to connect the traces and inner pads of different layers between holes. GSAL uses a mechanical drilling and auger bit made of micro-grained carbide that allows the drill bit to be reused. The advantage of using mechanical drilling is that the drill bit will still produce high quality and consistent holes no matter how much is drilled. In addition, the drilling speed of mechanical drilling is fast, and the end of the hole is not tapered.


6. CNC Surface Treatment 

The aluminum heating plate goes through the assembly line reflow system of the previous process, such as drilling, annealing furnace, cooling line, and then to the CNC lathe processing point. The reprocessing of the CNC lathe makes the surface of the aluminum heating plate smooth, and the heat disspation of the heating plate is more uniform during the heating process. The surface texture of GSAL's aluminum heating plate can be processed to more than 26. The denser the texture, the better the heat dissipation effect. GSAL uses both conventional and automated CNC machining. The traditional manual assembly method is to manually place the semi-finished product in the chuck, and then manually start the CNC machine tool to complete the processing. The use of mechanical arms to replace manual labor greatly improves production efficiency, reduces labor intensity of workers, operate safely, and improves prodcution environment.

7. Anodized Procedure

The oxidation treatment method of the aluminum heating plate is to immerse the aluminum heating plate in the electrolyte for electrolytic oxidation for 10 to 24 minutes. The oxide film formed on the aluminum heating plate can be closely attached to the surface of the oxidation plate and is not easy to fall off. The oxide film can immerse the heat radiation ability of the aluminum heating plate and prevent the heating plate from drying and melting.

8. Paint Coating 

Put the aluminum heating plate with the coil pattern upward on the mold frame, spray the thermal insulation and enviromental protection water-based paint through the automatic spraying machine, and then carry out curing heat treatment. The spray coating on the aluminum heating plate can improve the heating efficiency and reduce the energy consumption, thereby increasing the uniform and stable thermal insulation performance of the aluminum heating plate.


9. Packaging and Delivery


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