GSAL aluminum heating plate GS11600001 is mainly used for casting moulding and heat press machine. It has an operating temperature up to 350'C and is designed to concentrate the heat on the injection face. The heater plate is protected by a heat retention material and has a long lifetime. 



Product Number

GS - 11600001

Product Specification

360W / 220


0.5 ~ 0.8L

Voltage Area

100V ~ 240V

Power Area

180W ~ 600W

1. Proper environment Air heating

2. Electric Insulation:DC1000V,≥500MΩ

3. Limited service temperature:Premium Aluminum 350℃,Anodized Aluminum 400℃,Paint - coated Aluminum 400℃

4. Material Specification:ADC12 and AC3A

The aluminum heating plate for rice cooker can withstand high temperature, so they are ideal for industrial applications. They are also highly durable and reliable, ensuring that they last up to three years and being applied into a variety of applications. In addition to its low emissivity, the heating plate is capable of resisting chemicals and severe damage for they are made from high-quality aluminum or brass alloy.

GSAL premium aluminum heating plate is widely used in rice cookers, electric pots, frying pans for the high ductility and thermal conductivity of aluminum, etc. According to customer's requirement, the aluminum surface can be covered with Teflon coating to further prevent corrosion and stains. Our advanced CNC molding and lathe technology enables our products to meet customers' precision finishing requirements.

Notices :


Volume is usually the primary advertising statistic for rice cookers. Indicates the amount of rice that can be prepared in one cycle. Common sizes include 5.5 cups and 10 cups. 5.5 cups are enough for a meal for a family of five.

Bowl quality

The bowls of entry-level models are usually made of aluminum. The top-of-the-range model will be in stainless steel. The same heating characteristics present in the heating plate are relevant here. Aluminum heats up quickly, and it heats unevenly.


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